Allen Campbell: The Foods We Should (And Definitely Shouldn’t) Eat [Members Only]

On this Members Only episode of The Knowledge Project, Boston-based chef Allen Campbell goes in-depth with Shane on all the foods you should and shouldn’t eat to reach peak physical and mental performance, calling on his years of experience helping elite athletes to eat healthier and perform better.

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Here are a few highlights from the conversation:

You’ve got to be one step ahead of them. I think eliminating white sugar will give your brain, body, and mind a chance to actually have a choice and a decision when you’re in that store hungry because you’ve worked all day and you’re dying for something to eat, but that knowledge of that sugar will actually keep me addicted.

I don’t like the word diet either, because diet sounds restrictive. It’s just not a fun word. I want food to be fun and exciting. That’s the reason why marketing and advertising, they do a lot to our psyche.

…it’s really just about having those things in place and having a game plan and knowing, “I have this gut that needs to be taken care of as if I have a little child that needs to be fed a certain way every day, and it’s my responsibility to do that or else I’m going to physically be the one that suffers.

I think the same way we invested time in our career, in our education, in building bonds with those that we love, we’ve got to invest the time in learning how to nourish this body that we live in.

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