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I’m Shane Parrish.

While I have a deep dislike of bios, it’s only fair that you know something about me. I spent ██ years working for a three-letter-intelligence agency, starting as a ██████ and ending in charge of ████████████████. During my career, I was promoted ██ times, worked as ██████████████████ to the Deputy Minister, ██████████████████, and ██████████████████. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about anything interesting without going to jail.

If you’d like a bit more insight into my background and FS, read the New York Times profile.

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Nothing happens in isolation, let me introduce you to our small team.

Rhiannon Beaubien

Rhiannon manages and writes for the FS blog. She is the lead writer / project manager of The Great Mental Models book series. Rhiannon also develops a lot of the FS courses content, and presents on mental models to anyone who is interested. Most of her other work is editing, strategic planning, research, being a sounding board for everyone on the team, and trying to get better at all the other things FS does.

Rosie Leizrowice

Rosie leads the overall direction of the FS membership program and hosts members-only Ask Me Anything sessions with top experts. She works on a range of other FS content and products, including the blog posts and The Great Mental Models book series. Rosie’s work involves a wide range of capabilities, including copywriting, email marketing, SEO, driving engagement, editing, research, and strategic planning. A core speciality is breaking complicated or unusual ideas down into an engaging, accessible form.

Vicky Cosenzo

Vicky runs many of the business operations at FS. She is the project manager for the courses and the podcast, she runs our sponsorship and advertising efforts, and leads all HR planning and hiring. In addition, Vicky helps the hundreds of people every month who email us with questions and comments, and she makes sure we meet our deadlines and commitments.

Dalton Mabery

Dalton leads our visual media efforts from Youtube to social media. He works with content from the Knowledge Project podcast, articles, books and more bringing everything we do to life. Dalton also manages behind the scenes of all our YouTube channels to ensure we bring you the best content.

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What Do Real People Say?

I have rarely read a concise synthesis of complicated topics from disparate sources that has been so well written…On par with Krugman or Jim Grant.

Bert Hancock

I became smarter, a better parent, and a more successful lawyer and business owner because of Farnam Street.

Paul Ceyssens

… a compelling blog about decision making.

Jason Zweig
Wall Street Journal

“Consistently fascinating.”

Jessica Stillman

Shane is not only one of the most widely read people I know, but also well versed in turning his knowledge into practical insights for readers. His writing and work is a fountain of useful knowledge and worldly wisdom.

James Clear

[Farnam Street] does a really remarkable job of looking at culture, history, and interesting books … I check this almost every day.

Daniel Pink
Best-Selling Author

[The FS Learning Community] has improved my quality of thinking and it is a great source knowing what to read, what to mull over apart from many other important things.

Rajat Bose

You remain my No.1 blog/ reading list recommendation, consistently.

Henry Mason
Managing Director