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The rule for decision making in life and business goes like this:
The person with the fewest blind spots wins. It’s like being at a poker table where you can see everyone else’s cards.

But how do you get there? How do you reduce those blind spots?
How do you learn faster and make better decisions than everyone else?
One way is by reading, and Farnam Street is devoted to helping you through the process of self-education.

But there’s another important, sometimes unappreciated component: shortening the path to wisdom by connecting to other like-minded people.
You must learn from those who have already completed the mazes you’re interested in running. If you don’t, you’re wasting a lot of time and effort.
We’ve made that journey easier for you with the Farnam Street Learning Community.

“We’re lucky to live in a world with so much good content and information. But there’s so much available that everyone needs a trusted filter, curator, and arbiter to distill and contextualize the most relevant pieces of learning into something they can trust. That’s what the Learning Community does for me.”

Morgan Housel Partner at the Collaborative Fund
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Does this sound like you?

“I like to discuss big ideas with smart and thoughtful people, but find most social media forums are toxic and unproductive.”
“I want to improve the quality of my learning so I can instantly recall what’s in my brain.”
“I want to meet like-minded people to keep me accountable to my most important goals.”
“There’s so much information out there. How do I choose what to read, and what to spend my time on?”
“How do I look past myself so I can see the world with more clarity?”

Come Join Us

Once you’re a member, you’ll get access to a community of smart, driven people on a dedicated member forum, with channels open for discussing mental models, reading suggestions, Farnam Street posts, networking opportunities, and other topics of interest. It’s a community of like-minded people just like you. This is your opportunity to share links, discuss topics, and bounce ideas off of some of the smartest people on the planet.

750 per day

Average Active Members

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What’s Inside?

Members of the Learning Community have access to exclusive content that’s not available on the blog. This private trove is brimming with valuable resources to help you make better decisions and take advantage of opportunities where others can’t.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll get.

Transcripts of our Knowledge Project interviews

We’ve had a lot of great guests and have many more planned; that means a lot of wonderful knowledge sits in our archives. Our members find that having that knowledge in print form is extremely valuable for re-visiting and note-taking.

Direct access to amazing people

You’ll find private networking opportunities with authors, executives, and entrepreneurs. Join any of a number of active threads dedicated to accelerate your personal growth and development — get feedback, generate winning ideas, solve problems, and connect with other like-minded individuals all over the globe.

The Farnam Street Knowledge Library

This is a vast and ever expanding collection of original and curated resources to help you go deep on whatever it is you’re learning now. We are regularly adding content to the library and you’ll have access to everything, past and future.

Exclusive AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

Get your burning questions answered by top authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, investors and others who are making big splashes in their fields. Past guests include James Clear, Michele Gelfand, Nir Eyal, Elad Gil, Josh Kaufman and more.

Virtual Reading Group

Several times a year, all community members are invited to participate in guided read-alongs of books we’ve selected. The reading group is one of the Learning Community’s most popular features, and our members insist it’s one of the very best ways to glean insights from a book they would have otherwise missed.

[Farnam Street] does a really remarkable job of looking at culture, history, and interesting books … I check this almost every day.

DANIEL PINK Best Selling Author
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*Both options give the exact same access to everything the Learning Community offers. Several members have asked how to give more to support a resource they love and rely on, so this is an easy way to do that. Please note both options are non-refundable.

Looking for More?

How about an extra bonus?

Bonus #1 (Free Online Courses)

When you join the Learning Community now, you also get free access to two of our most popular courses, Productivity that Gets Results, and The Art of Focus. Thousands of students have used these courses to develop super focus and get more done in a day than they used to in a week. (Not hyperbole.) We discontinued selling them on the site last year, so the only way to get access is by being a member of the Learning Community. Together, they retailed for nearly $300 (twice the cost of a year membership in the LC), so this is a perfect example of a “no-brainer.” ;)

Bonus #2 (Private Re:Think Sessions)

Brand new to the Knowledge Library — transcripts of our fireside chats with Mike Lombardi and Annie Duke from our recent Re:Think Workshops. These workshops are intentionally kept small and intimate (around 40 people) and they always sell out. Participants paid $2000+ to be in the room, but as a new member of the Learning Community, it’s like you slipped in the back door to capture all the wisdom Mike and Annie shared with us. These transcripts are not available for purchase anywhere else on the site. The only way to get access is to take a time machine to the live workshop or by being a member of the Learning Community.

Bonus #3 (Early Access)

As a member of the Learning Community, you’ll enjoy early and exclusive access to FS products, events, and breaking news before anyone else.

What real members are saying

Let me start by saying this thread alone makes being part of the LC worth the cost of membership. This is exactly the kind of conversation I expected and always have dreamed of. Thank you and keep it up."


Via Learning Community

"Hey all, I'm an old FS community member. After a time away, I've realized what an important community this is to me. Being surrounded and stimulated by the brilliant and diverse minds that make up this group is a powerful source of insight and energy. So now I'm back."


Via Learning Community

“Shane’s community is my first stop each morning and my last one each night. I gain knowledge in every area, but most importantly I gain wisdom. I have been a member for years and know it can benefit everyone.”

Michael Lombardi

Former GM of the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots coach

"Thrilled to join the FS Learning Community with Fortune 50 CEOs, athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors on the quest for lifelong learning and avoiding mistakes others have already made. @farnamstreet"

Rehman Abdur


Via Twitter

"You remain my No.1 blog/ reading list recommendation, consistently."

Henry Mason

Managing Director

"The FS Knowledge Library is simply outstanding. Maybe the best resource for improving reasoning and decision making in the world."

Russell Smith

Residential Real Estate Agent

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There’s no deadline, there’s no discount, there’s no push. Just access to the greatest community on the internet.

In fact, if you’re on the fence at all, please spend your money on something else. The quality of the community depends solely on the quality of the members, so we only want to attract people who want to be here — to both benefit and contribute. If this kind of community feels right to you, you’ll know it.

We hope to see you inside!

Pay Less $149/year Join Now
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*Both options give the exact same access to everything the Learning Community offers. Several members have asked how to give more to support a resource they love and rely on, so this is an easy way to do that. Please note both options are non-refundable.