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The Great Mental Models Volume 2: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Volume 2 of The Great Mental Models brings to life the big ideas from physics, chemistry, and biology. These ideas allow you to avoid problems, make better decisions, and live a better life.

Inside you’ll learn how understanding how thermodynamics helps you get what you want, how alloying create unique markets, and how core human instincts like self-preservation explain behavior. And so much more.

If you want to make decisions based on how the world works you need to understand the invariant ideas and interconnections.

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The Great Mental Models Volume 1: General Thinking Concepts

The groundbreaking Wall-Street Journal Bestseller that taught people how to solve problems, think with clarity, and achieve your goals.

A proven framework for solving problems. These 9 models will improve the way you approach problems, consider opportunities, and make difficult decisions.

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Praise for The Great Mental Models

“I’m really glad this exists in the world and I can see that I will be recommending it often.” — Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, founder and CEO of Automattic

“If you’ve read Charlie Munger’s Almanack this is the book you deeply crave in its wake. … Learn the big ideas from the big disciplines and you’ll be able to twist and turn problems in interesting ways at unprecedented speeds. … You owe yourself this book.” — Simon Eskildsen

“This is what non-fiction books should aspire to be like. Informative, concise, universal, practical, visual, sharing stories and examples for context. Definitely, a must-read if you’re into universal multi-disciplinary thinking.— Carl Rannaberg