Why Mental Models? My Interview With Professor and Value Investor Sanjay Bakshi [The Knowledge Project, Ep. #3]

In this episode, I chat with professor and value investing genius Sanjay Bakshi (@Sanjay__Bakshi) about the power of mental models, multidisciplinary thinking, reading, and acquiring worldly wisdom.

On this episode of The Knowledge Project Podcast, I have on the show one of my favorite people: Sanjay Bakshi.

Sanjay is one of India’s most recognized finance professors. He teaches a course entitled Behavioural Finance and Business Valuation at the Management Development Institute. And while he probably doesn’t want me to mention this, not only is he an amazing teacher; he is also a skilled practitioner. He is one of the most successful investors you will ever meet.

In this interview, we talk about a host of things, including:

  • Why Sanjay has built an impressive anti-library, yet prefers to read on a Kindle
  • How to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to learning so you’re building breadth as well as depth in your knowledge
  • The clever mental trick Sanjay uses to keep an open mind about problems he’s working on
  • How he teaches his students to seek multiple perspectives when learning something new, and how it impacts their retention and understanding
  • How mental models transformed Sanjay’s investing strategies and spilled into other areas of his life as well
  • How Sanjay filters the deluge of information that’s coming at him every day to focus on the details that are most important.
  • What the most sustainable business models look like and the characteristics they share
  • Whether it’s advantageous to be more intuitive or data-driven in business, and how to develop those traits
  • Which book Sanjay reads three times a year and finds new pearls of wisdom every time he cracks it open

Enjoy the conversation!


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