Susan Cain on Leading the Quiet Revolution [The Knowledge Project Ep. #24]

Susan Cain (@susancain) shares powerful insights into what it really means to be introverted and extroverted, and how to tap into your true self to find purpose and happiness in your life.

For decades, introversion was looked at as something to overcome, almost like an illness. The way to win in life was through charisma, outspokenness, and self-promotion.

Even now, in an increasingly noisy world, introverts may feel added pressure to take one of two paths: force themselves into more extroverted behavior, or become even more reserved and shrink back into themselves.

My guest Susan Cain says both paths are wrong and in fact rob the world of the unique contributions introverts make when they choose to be true to themselves.

Susan knows what she’s talking about. A self-proclaimed introvert, she wrote the New York Times bestselling book, Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking and delivered one of the most popular TED talks ever delivered, with nearly 18 million views to date.

Whether you consider yourself an extrovert, an introvert, or an ambivert (those lucky bastards in the middle), you’ll find a ton of value in this interview.

We cover a lot of ground, including:

  • How to find your “sweet spot” no matter what your stimulation preferences are
  • How to tap into your deepest wells of thought and creativity
  • What “free trait theory” is and how it can help you accomplish the most important goals in your life
  • The truth about collaboration and its effects on the creative process
  • How Cain and her extrovert husband manage important differences — and small ones like preferred stereo volume — in their lives
  • How not being honest with your own narrative slows personal growth and development
  • The key to living a meaningful life that energizes and sustains you

And much, much more.

Listen and Learn


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