Leadership on the Field, in the Office and at Home: My Conversation With NFL Coach Michael Lombardi [The Knowledge Project Ep. #2]

New England Patriots Coach Michael Lombardi (@mlombardiNFL) and I discuss the four aspects of leadership, high stakes decision making, creating a winning culture at work and at home and much more.

This episode features Michael Lombardi, former General Manager of the Cleveland Browns and current member of the coaching staff on the New England Patriots. He’s widely regarded as one of the best evaluators of talent in the NFL and as we’ll see, a lot more goes into that than measuring talent.

In this packed interview with Michael, you’ll learn:

  • The four elements of leadership (that are just as applicable in the home and office as they are on the football field)
  • The key differences between good coaches and bad coaches and how to see where you are on the spectrum
  • How Michael evaluates a player’s ability to fit into the culture and system of a team (lots of carryover for recruiting into a company or other organization)
  • The importance of divergent thinking in an organization to avoid “groupthink” and stagnant progress
  • How to manage big egos and get players to cooperate to reach a team objective rather than compete for the spotlight
  • Why focusing on processes and not outcomes is an overlooked strategy to reach lofty goals
  • What coaching in the NFL has taught Michael about parenting

Whether you’re a fan of American football or not, there are lots of insights to be learned from this episode.

Enjoy this amazing conversation.

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