Chris Voss: The Art of Letting Other People Have Your Way

Former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss teaches you the tactics and skills you need to negotiate. More than just learning the subtle art of getting what you want, you’ll learn how to listen and communicate more effectively every day.

Whether you’re buying a car, requesting a raise at work, or just deciding where to eat out with your spouse or partner, your negotiating skills determine the outcome.

A few things we cover:

  • Mastering delivery with tone and inflection
  • The main problems with traditional negotiation techniques (BATNA, etc.) and how they’re leaving lots on the table
  • The “negotiation one-sheet” Chris uses before entering into any negotiation (and how you can use it, too)
  • How mirroring helps extract vital information and puts your counterpart at ease
  • How labeling emotions can help you amplify the positive and neutralize the negative
  • Maximizing employee satisfaction in the hiring process so you get the best talent… and keep them!
  • How empathy saves time and makes you more likely to get what you want in a negotiation
  • How to create the illusion the other person is in control
  • How intentionally getting the other party to say “no” substantially increases the success rate of a negotiation

And so much more.

Listen and Learn


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