Intellectual Giants

There is a long list of intellectual giants who profoundly impacted the world with their ideas, thinking, and leadership.

While you might be aware of some of these people, some of them will be new to you.

Much like this website, the list below grows slowly and deliberately.

Intellectual Giants

Click a link for a mini profile and to explore the thinking and ideas of these curious characters.

  • Marcus Aurelius,  An introduction to the last great emperor, leader and stoic of Rome
  • Peter Bevelin, The Wisdom and Writings
  • Robert Cialdini, Meet the Master of Influence and Persuasion
  • Richard Feynman, The Curious Character Who Mastered Thinking and Physics
  • Garrett Hardin, The Master Ecologist Who Warned Us About Population Growth
  • Charlie Munger, Wit and Wisdom From The World’s Most Irreverent Billionaire
  • Seneca, Timeless Wisdom from the World’s Most Controversial Stoic
  • Nassim Taleb, Antifragile Thinking for a Fat-Tailed World