Imagine you’re sitting at a poker table.

You’re dealt cards the same as everyone else and you’re playing by the same rules.

But here’s the thing: You can see everyone else’s cards and they can’t see yours.

How many hands would you play wrong?

The same thing goes for decision making in life and business.

In life as in poker, “He who has the least blind spots wins.”  

The first and biggest leverage point any of us have in improving our lives and getting massively better results is improving our ability to make confident and correct decisions, all the time.

The system we’ve been endowed with was designed pretty well to keep us alive and sane. But what works is not necessarily optimal.

We’re not born optimal decision makers any more than we’re born optimal tennis players.

Like tennis, we can craft a unique and effective decision-making “swing” with the right understanding of how the brain works and where it naturally falls short.

The second major leverage point is to push beyond mimicking and imitating and into the realm of creative, original thinking.

But what exactly is creativity?

You probably have some nebulous idea of what it means, but can you honestly say you generate original ideas on a consistent basis?

Most people can’t do it. They see their landscape through a narrow tunnel, and the few people with original ideas are running circles around them.

In a two-day workshop with the Farnam Street Team, we’ll start addressing the blind spots and limited field of vision we’re all born with, and begin designing the systems and processes we need to become more confidentaccurate, and original thinkers, the few who can truly “see all the cards at the table.”

Come join us.