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How to Remember What You Read

October 23, 2017

Why is it that some people seem to be able to read a book once and remember every detail of it for life, while others struggle to recall even the title a few days after putting down a book? The answer is simple but not easy. It’s not what they read. It’s how they read. […]

Critical Mass and Tipping Points: How To Identify Inflection Points Before They Happen

July 24, 2017

Critical mass, which is sometimes referred to as tipping points, is one of the most effective mental models you can use to understand the world. The concept can explain everything from viral cat videos to why changing habits is so hard.   The Basics Sometimes it can seem as if drastic changes happen at random. […]

All Models Are Wrong

June 21, 2017

How is your journey towards understanding Farnam Street’s latticework of mental models going? Is it proving useful? Changing your view of the world? If the answer is that it’s going well that’s good. There’s just one tiny hitch. All models are wrong. Yep. It’s the truth. However, there is another part to that statement: All […]

Decision-making: A Guide to Making Smarter Decisions and Fewer Errors

June 10, 2017

Few things will change your trajectory in life as effectively as learning to make better decisions. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to decision-making. In this article, you’ll learn how to build a powerful mental tool kit, the five biggest causes of stupidity and how to avoid them, the trick to making decisions that […]

Mental Models: Getting the World to Do the Work for You

August 01, 2016

People are working harder and harder to clean up otherwise avoidable messes they created by making poor initial decisions. There are many reasons we’re making poor decisions and failing to learn from them. Under the heading, Sources of Stupidity in an article entitled Smart Decisions we wrote about some of the factors that contribute to […]

Five Percent Better: The Compounding of Consistent Incremental Progress

March 09, 2016

When we want to improve ourselves, we often pursue dramatic changes. This approach is often unsustainable. A better idea is to go for small, incremental improvements that add up over time. *** Self-motivated, self-starting individuals are incredibly motivated to find their weaknesses. It’s not far-fetched to say that some of us actually seek to make […]